Talent strategy

BEILITE Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production and sales of hydraulic hammer of the enterprise, the development of enterprises can not do without the support of all kinds of outstanding talents. Talent is the foundation of enterprise development, the development of the. Talent is an important and urgent strategic task concerning Verit development. BLT follow the "integrity first, the results for the first" spirit, Germany, is the "character first", it is the basic precondition; talent, is the "achievement", performance is a personal contribution, it is the embodiment of the ability. BLT through build the training system, and constantly improve the intensity of competition in the salary and welfare, strive to provide diversified growth opportunities for talent, make individual workers and the enterprise a grow up, to achieve the common development of enterprises and employees.

Training system:
The Company pays great attention to train the staff’s comprehensive quality, professional skill and safety, and invests huge training cost every year, and arranges different training courses to different training objects; through organizing the internal company training, inviting trainer, quality development, labor skill upgrading and training, so as to improve the staff’s comprehensive ability and professional skill.
The company implements the salary system combined with seniority pay, post wage, skill-based pay, performance assessment, bonus and others; fixes salary upon post, seek for competition externally and fair internally; according to the post responsibility and performance examination, the Company adjust the salary timely, tries to form competitive salary and treatment in external market, so that the talent value is fairly returned.
Company handles endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, birth insurance, industrial injury insurance and others for staffs according to the laws.
Company has regularly organized staff tourist, party, cultural and sports activities, and other colorful activities, and concerned staff’s leisure life.
Company has provided working clothes, safety shoes and other essential articles in summer and winter for every freshman, and distributed related labor protective articles for every staff, and heatstroke prevention articles in every summer, and provided job subsidies for special work type.
The Company is internally provided with clean, convenient and confortable staff dining hall for providing low-cost food; particularly, the Company provides free double-room dormitory with complete facilities for out-of-town staffs.
"Empty Sea, tolerance is a great”, dear friends, we sincerely invite you to join us; BEILITE will provide a wide stage for you and share the happiness of common growth with you.