Enterprise mission

Make international first-class enterprise and create famous world brand

In order to realize the mission, BEILITE must take market as guidance, management as foundation, science and technology as power, talent as support, and capital operation and brand operation as the dependence, to comprehensively promote the comprehensive strength of the enterprise.

Core value

The “cultivating person by credibility, establishing business by innovation, and occupying market by its brand” is always the core value of BEILITE people. The ancient says that “One who cannot be trusted is worthless.” Modern people say that “honesty and trustworthiness can establish business.” The honesty and trustworthiness have created a loyal staff team. “Innovation” is the foundation of business establishment; only by predicting change, adapting to change and further pushing the change and promoting change, the enterprise can keep long prosperous foundation and maintain youth forever; in the modern market with increasingly fierce competition, integrity, innovation and quality have commonly pushed construction of BEILITE brand.

Concepto cultural

Enterprise spirit: industry leading and first-class

Core concept: integrity, practical, innovation, beyond

Customer communication principle: respect customer, regard customer as teacher, make friends with customers

Employment principle: behavior first, performance first

Staff concept: staffs are grown upon Company, income is generated from benefit, and hard work wins return

Quality changes future

BEILITE is devoted to create high-quality product, excellent service and good culture, thus customers and staffs can share high-level life; BEILITE is devoted to realize the organic combination of customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction and social satisfaction, thereby realizing the common development of customer, staff and society, and pursue the maximization of economic value, social value and life value.